Best Selling Bose Wave SoundTouch Alexa Music System IV

Bose IV music system will provide you with deep, lifelike and room filling sound. With this device you will also get a great variety of possibilities. So, let’s see. The gadget can connect to your TV, to your phone via Bluetooth, to countless Internet Radio stations win wi-fi and such music services as Pandora or Spotify. This means, that if you are offline you can enjoy your smartphone music but when online you can extend your music experience with Spotify and get great music recommendations.

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You can control the device through the remote control system, or you can adjust Alexa to communicate with it. Furthermore, it is possible to download the special app to operate the device from your phone. Alongside with that, you can adjust the device to wake you up in the morning with deep and light sound, which is guaranteed to be more efficient and make you more energized for the day.

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Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV,
works with Alexa