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Cycling is a very popular way of transportation nowadays. In many European cities, like Amsterdam or Copenhagen, the amount of cyclists even exceeds the amount of drivers. This can be explained with two arguments. First – cyclists don’t have to spend much time in traffic jams and second – a bike is a fantastic recreational tool. It’s useful to your health and you can spend many enjoyable hours riding a bike in the park.
But cycling doesn’t really combine well with another modern trend – mobile devices. When you’re riding a bike, it’s just uncomfortable and even dangerous to hold your smartphone in one hand and control the bike with the other. That’s why people buy special mounts for their devices – they are usually attached to handlebars and act as a GPS-navigator in cars. However, if you spend most of your free time on a bike, you have to go for the most durable and reliable mount there is. Thankfully, we can help you with that. Meet Silico Phone Mount from TeamObsidian.
Best Bike Phone Mount

This might be the most suitable option for people who like to travel on bikes. This mount holds your smartphone as securely as possible and isn’t afraid of any accidents. But what makes it so durable? The answer is material. Unlike other mounts, which have some moving metal or plastic details, this mount doesn’t have any. Instead, it’s made of a single piece of silicone. It provides extra elasticity and durability for many years to come. That’s why even professional bikers might be interested in this accessory.
Because it’s silicone, it has amazing protection properties. It’s soft, so it doesn’t scratch your smartphone. The mount is attached on the back of the phone and looks a bit like a big, elastic spider that spread its leg over the whole rear side. The mount is so secure that your phone won’t fall out of it even when you’re riding on the bumpiest terrain ever. Plus, unlike many other plastic holders, this one is completely shock absorbent. So, if you accidentally fall from the bike or hit something, you can totally calm for your smartphone because it is in good hands. One more thing – silicone deals great with moisture which means that this mount can be used even during rain.
Phone Mount for Bike
One more advantage of this mount is simple installation. First, you have to put your phone in it. As the mount is flexible, it’s very easy to do. On the back of the mount there is a belt for attaching it to handlebars. The strap is long enough to fit any kind of handlebars. The whole process of installation takes about 60 seconds: you wrap the belt around the bar and secure it. By the way, it’s taken off just as easily and quickly if you’re in a hurry.
The mount isn’t just for bikers, it can also be used by motorcycling enthusiasts. Even if you drive a scooter or a huge Harley Davidson, Bike PHONE MOUNT can be adjusted to any handlebar. That’s especially important if you plan a long trip or you don’t really know the place that you’re going to.
Once installed, it provides perfect viewing angle for riders. If you’re using your map app on the phone, all directions are quite visible. Also, as the phone is always within your reach, you can extend your arm and operate it or quickly take it out to answer a call. Whether you like your phone in a vertical or horizontal position, you can attach the mount in any way you want.
Speaking of compatibility, the Bike PHONE MOUNT is universal. It’s flexible, so it accommodates smartphones with screen sizes from 4 to 6 inches. That means that whether you have a small iPhone 5 or a huge iPhone 7 Plus, you can still enjoy comfortable functionality of this mount.
During the longest trips your phone will always be beside you at a convenient angle. And you can also be sure that no accidents can harm your device. In conclusion, we must say that TeamObsidian Bike Phone Mount is definitely one of the best smartphone accessories for bikers.
Bike Phone Mount