Best Selling 2018 Smart Watch NO.1 F6 Sports Smartwatch

This smartwatch has a round dial, that we are all used to on watches. The case is made out of silicone and stainless-steel material, while the band is just silicone. Such material makes the smartwatch rather durable, tough and long lasting. NO.1 F6 is made to be ideal for sports and outdoor activities, with its dustproof, anti-pressure, shockproof, waterproof, scratch-proof and anti-corrosion protection. With its high temperature resistance, this smartwatch can be used in heat as high as 70 degrees Celsius, or in the cold as low as -40 degrees Celsius. As well as that, you can dive as deep as 50 meters underwater with the IP68 waterproof grade.

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NO 1 F6 Smartwatch

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The NRF51822 chip that is built in, makes this smartwatch work smoothly and efficiently. It is best used as a personal health tracker, with all of the features that it offers. To start off with, it has multiple sports modes such as badminton, basketball, mountaineering, cycling, running, swimming, pingpong and pedometer. Throughout your activity, it is made to calculate your heart rate, number of calories burned, and the distance. This is perfect for those wanting to be on top of their health!
It also has many other features to offer such as sleep monitor, alarm, sedentary reminder, and water reminder. It can help one find their cell phone quicker through the alarm, and even provides you with different call reminders and notifications.
Smart Watch NO.1 F6 Sports Smartwatch
Capturing quick photos is also possible with the built-in camera. All of this is likely, with Bluetooth 4.0 connection. One can even sync their data to their mobile device, via the “Fundo Pro” APP. NO.1 F6 smartwatch has a 350mAh battery installed, that is made to charge in about 2 hours for up to 120 days in standby mode.
NO.1 F6 smartwatch is an item that is exceedingly useful and valuable. Previous users are also leaving positive feedback on their experience. Bring your attention to this great smartwatch!


    • Personal health tracker
    • 120 days battery life
    • Battery: 350mAh
    • Alarm setting
    • IP68 waterproof
    • 256K RAM + 32KB ROM
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • Heart rate monitor
    • Weight: 0.0376kg
  • Size: 23.00 x 5.30 x 2.00 cm / 9.06 x 2.09 x 0.79 inches

Best Selling 2018 Smart Watch
NO.1 F6 Sports Smartwatch
Heart Rate Monitor, IP68 Waterproof

NO.1 F6 Sports Smartwatch

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