BenQ World’s Best High-End Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at BenQ treVolo is an unusual folding design. On the sides of the main speaker there are two thin electrostatic dynamics. They are the main highlight of the product. In addition to the elegant design treVolo is distinguished by an amazingly accurate and detailed display of the upper and middle frequencies which is rare for Bluetooth speaker. Jazz, piano, vocal sound really good as this type music benefits from great detail.
BenQ TreVolo S Wireless Portable Speaker music
Due to the size of the device the bass is slightly restrained, and to support the bass range BenQ uses dual woofer and dual amplifiers hidden in the main body.
Most Bluetooth speakers don’t sound clear in small volume, but not treVelo. Its unique electrostatic drivers minimize distortion. The distortion rate is less than 1%! Even in small volume all the main and back sounds can be clearly heard. With the help of non-distorted 3D mode treVolo can fill a room quite well, partly also thanks to the fact that electrostatic speakers can send sound both forward and backwards bringing unforgettable listening experience.

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BenQ TreVolo S Wireless Portable Speaker hi-fi

Hi-Fi Music Bluetooth Electrostatic Speaker
BenQ TreVolo S Wireless Portable Speaker
Dual 12W woofers, 18hrs playing time

Considering the size treVolo belongs to the class of portable, but not pocket devices. Thanks to the built-in battery, the speaker can be easily moved around or it can be used outside. The battery lasts around 18 hours. TreVolo S is adopted Micro USB adaptor for charging. It can be charged by universal adaptor for USB.
BenQ TreVolo S Wireless Portable Speaker sound
There are three ways to connect to the content source: the stereo analog input, the micro USB port, and the most popular nowadays, the wireless interface. TreVolo S is Bluetooth version 4.2 without the support of the aptX protocol. It allows you to work confidently with all modern gadgets, and it is worth noting the presence of an analog stereo output, so treVelo the can play the role of a wireless receiver in a stationary stereo system.
BenQ TreVolo S Wireless Portable Speaker design
The speaker’s control panel with large buttons is located on the top of the device. There is also an application for smartphones, available which can be downloaded from the corresponding store for free. The program allows to select the equalizer mode and monitor the battery charge. The best effect is achieved when placing treVolo not far from the listener, on the steady surface and possible at the level of the listener’s ears.
To addition to all above BenQ treVolo speaker looks futuristic and would fit nicely into the modern interior as an original decor element.

BenQ treVolo S World’s Best High-End Hi-Fi
Portable Electorstatic Bluethooth Speaker

BenQ treVolo S Wireless Portable Electrostatic Speaker