How Is REVS Helpful Before Buying The Used Vehicle?

Vehicle Incidents of thefts
Nissan Pulsar N15 Models 477
VE Holden Commodores 262
VX Holden Commodores 170
VT Holden Commodores 167
Ford Falcons BA Models 166

The total estimated cost of these vehicles was over $151,000.
12216 vehicles were stolen in New South Wales last year with a rise of 3%. The total estimated cost of stolen 10,037 Passenger of Light Commercial vehicles (PLC) was more than $118,000.
With a drop of seven percent, 52858 vehicles were stolen on a national scale.
With every passing hour, a motorcycle, car or truck was stolen in WA in the 12 months to September last year. According to stats revealed by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reception Council, 7956 vehicles were stolen during this span of time with an average 22 thefts a day. Following table illustrates different types of vehicles and number of theft incidents.

Vehicle Incidents Of Thefts
Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicles 5496
Motorcycles 1949
Heavy Trucks 511

When it comes to cars

Vehicle Incidents Of Thefts
Holden Commodore VE 122
Toyota Hilux 91
Ford Falcon BA 90
Holden Commodore VY 87

In Western Australia, the total value of vehicles stolen during these 12 months was $67.6 million. Stolen cars are often used in rebirthing. Sometimes parts of the car are sold. Some cars are stolen for committing crimes and sometimes for joy-riding. In 70% of the car theft cases, the thief uses keys. The thief can get keys by threatening or stealing.
REVS tips for Used Vehicle tips

(Accidently) Buying a Stolen Vehicle

A buyer should keep the following checklist in mind while purchasing a private registered vehicle:

    • Verify that the seller is the registered owner.
    • Make sure that seller provides both sets of keys.
    • Ask the seller for original log book and history of service.
    • Make sure that engine and chassis number and identification plates have not been tampered.

Make sure that the vehicle is not stolen or written-off. Do not buy vehicle from a person who is lawfully not authorized to sell the vehicle. The title will remain with the original owner. So basically, you will be driving a stolen car. Arrests and criminal charges are common even when someone buys stolen vehicle unknowingly. Possessing stolen good is a punishable offence.

REVS Check

The used vehicle you are going to buy might be a stolen vehicle. So, make sure that the seller has the legal ownership of the vehicle. Whether you are buying a used vehicle online or you have contacted an agent or you are going to meet the seller in person, it is important to verify the information provided to you.
The buyer now can find registration check online. You can get the overview of any specific vehicle easily and quickly. Registration check before buying a vehicle helps in buying the right model at the right price. Sometimes, sellers deliberately hide some important details or provide falsified details to the buyer. However with an REVS check, the buyer can learn about almost all features the vehicle he is willing to buy. A buyer should buy a vehicle with the financial statement.

Finding REVS Check

 Earlier, REVS Check was a free service. However, from January 2012 onwards, the user will have to pay $14.95 REVS check fee. REVS check report will provide you with the all essential details of the vehicle. A buyer should make use of services offered by professionals to get the REVS check done. The buyer can easily get important information about the vehicle without taking any risk and getting involved in any documentation or proceedings. The buyer will receive a report and he will be also able to check all specified documents online. The dealer or the seller is most likely to hide some information about the condition of the vehicle. However, you can’t be fooled after having REVS check report.

Buying car with REVS Check

All records are maintained in a database. All details about the used vehicle are provided by the government of Australia. A buyer can make sure that the vehicle is not written-off or it is not a stolen one. The buyer can verify all details from the online portal of REVS. All vehicles are registered with the Australian government. Verifying the registration details will help in buying the right vehicle with a peace of mind. The report a buyer receives after REVS check consists of following details:

    • Registration Status
    • Model Type
    • Expiry Date
    • Registration Number

In case you find any irregularity in the details then do not invest in that vehicle.