Beelink GS1 6K TV Box Media Player Android 7.1 Mini PC

Holiday season is when you just want to cozy up at home, watching movies and sipping on cacao. Well, that’s when a home cinema comes in handy. That’s why today we’ve got our hands on a new Beelink GS1 6K TV Box Media Player Android 7.1 Mini PC. In general, BeeLink manages to squeeze into their products really impressive built quality specs, and the object of the following review is not an exception.

Beelink TV Box Media Player Mini PC

This TV box will support 6K video decoding for 10-bit HEVC, VP9, and H.264, integrate HDR10 and HLG video processing. Here you have 16 GB of internal storage plus 2 GB of RAM. The box is finished in matte black, with big 6 and the brand name on the top, and a set of sockets on the back (power socket, HDMI port, USB port, network port, and SPDIF port). There are also a USB port and a SD card slot on the side. On the bottom of the unit there are vents to prevent it from overheating and a reset button. Due to the laconic design, it would blend in with pretty any interior style. In the parcel you receive an HDMI cable, a power adapter, and a remote control, with which you can also control the TV itself.

Beelink GS1 6K TV Box

The unit performs really well, with a fantastic 7 sec span of downloading and 11 GB of in-built memory. On the menu you have Play Market and App Store to download apps or games beyond the basic ones. You can easily connect your smartphone to the box to play games, watch YouTube or Netflix. To add to that, the box easily streams HD videos and runs video games with no lag.

In the end, this gadget is really worth the money. With the purchase you have premium compact design, comfortable and easy-to-operate interface, qualitative streaming and easy gaming. The Beelink TV box is high-performance, very intuitive to use, and reliable unit. One can expect this to work for more than a couple of years, being a decent investment in your home comfort with no need of frequent repairs.