Barrel Type Wet Dry Powerful Vacuum Cleaner With Large Tank

Consider the size of the space, and whether it’s well worth investing in a great superior vacuum with a lot of features and functions. Upright vacuum cleaners are perfect for flat open places and smallish stairways. But Barrel Type Vacuum Cleaners supply a selection of options and price points. Technically, how you operate a wet dry vacuum cleaner is quite much like the manner in which you operate a regular one. If you would rather clean your house by yourself, here is the info about the Dibea DU100 Household Barrel Type Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

Powerful Vacuum Cleaner With Large Tank

Dibea DU100 Vacuum Cleaner is a great choice if you want to forget about long hours of tiring cleaning process. The device has a very wide functionality as it can be used in the household but also to vacuum your vehicle. Furthermore, it was specially designed for your ultimate comfort. You will not need to change the large capacity dustbin too frequently. Moreover, it uses the available dustbin space very efficiently as it has a multiple filtration design with the dust isolation part and cotton part. We also know that different places in our house require different attention. This device also accommodates to this need as it comes with the floor, suction brush, the long flat suction, and a sofa brush. Each of those is suitable for its own need. And a final chord, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 4.5m cord, ensuring you can move freely.


  • Suitable for house and the car
  • Large capacity design
  • Good to clean carpet, floor, cement floor, tile, and other surfaces
  • Also can clean the bookshelf, keyboard, corner and door, etc.
  • Motor power: 800W
  • Capacity: 15L
  • less than 80dB noise
  • Operating diameter: 16m
  • Power cord length: 4.5m

Dibea Household Barrel Type Vacuum Cleaner
Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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