Powerful Bagless Multi-Function Vacuum Cleaner $135

Bagless multicyclonic vacuum cleaner will provide you with maximum power and efficiency but ensures the minimum energy consumption. Thanks to TimeCyclonic Pro technology, the suction power will always be as efficient as it was on the first day. The vacuum cleaner will deliver power suction to the conventional 3000w vacuum cleaner with 700W motor. Thanks to the well-designed Ultrasilence System, the cleaner will work super silently allowing the rest of the family to actually live the normal life and you to watch TV or listen to music.

Multi-Function Vacuum Cleaner

The device is equipped with smart power regulation, which allows you to adjust the cleaner to you needs and make it softer when you need it to be or more powerful when there is a lot of dirt. For example, there is a Turbo mode for rugs and carpets and eco mode for saving energy on the plain floors.

This will allow you to save a lot of energy and money. The vacuum cleaner comes with multiple brushes so it is suitable for any surface, and, a great advantage, is that it is equipped with a special technology to remove pet hairs.

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3000 Multi-Cyclone Bagless Vacuum Cleaner