Awei Motion Sensor Portable Air Purifier for Car and Home

It is important that we have clean and fresh air anywhere that we go. The quality of air plays a big part on our overall health. There are many different types of air purifiers that will filter all of the unhealthy particles. Since many of us spend plenty of time in our cars, it is vital that during that time we also breath in not harmful particles. In our review, we have taken a look at an Motion Sensor Portable Air Purifier that will work great for home and car, the Awei automatic Air Freshener.

Portable Air Purifier for Car and Home

To start of with, this air purifier is offered in a neutral, but stylish white color. It is made out of quite durable ABS plastic material, and is compact and lightweight. The size of this product is 12.50 x 8.00 x 8.00 cm, while the weight is 0.430 kg. This makes it very easy to bring along from one place to another, and to fit it in any tighter space. The top of the purifier has a screen, that provides with information on the wind level, humidity, temperature, and PM 2.5. Once the purifier is turned on, it begins filtering out any dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, chemical vapors, and other allergens. If it detects any harmful gas in the air, it will send out an alarm, so that one can quickly leave the area.

Awei Motion Sensor Portable Air Purifier for Car and Home

As well as all that, this purifier is very easy to maintain. The plasma ion sterilization cleans itself, and one will not have to constantly worry about changing the filter. Another great feature, is the hands-free motion detection. One just needs to wave their hand in front of the purifier to turn it on or off. With a wave, one can also regulate if the wind coming from the purifier will be gentle or strong. However, this Awei purifier and air freshener works great in an area of 10 square meters. With that being said, it is best for the car or a small room inside a home. The noise level is than 38 dB, making it very quiet.

To say the least, this Awei automatic freshener and air purifier is a great way to always be aware of what is in the air around you. It will help one protect their health with fresh and clean air.

Awei Portable Air Purifier for Car and Home

Awei Motion Sensor Portable Air Purifier,
Car and Home Air Freshener

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