Best Selling Award-Winning Board Game For Ages 10 And Up

Math for Love Prime Climb is a beautiful authentic award-winning board game. This was specially created for people of 10 years old and more and would suit 2-4 players. But if your 5-year old child also wants to join – no problem. With your help and guidance, he will probably wrap his mind around it. Some of the board games have an issue – you can play them only once. Afterwards, they become boring.

However, this one is not like this. Due to the dynamic mix of luck and strategy you can replay it endlessly. The way to play it is: roll the dice, and then add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers to make your way all the way to the center of the field. As a result, your math skills will become perfect. And it is really good for kids to practice and learn as well. Even if you do not like math now, you will with this game.