Average Apple iPhone Price Dropped

Being the most prestigious smartphone in the world, iPhones have always brought significant incomes to Apple. Obviously, many people complain about the price but we know that you can overpay for quality. Nonetheless, the average price of iPhone has decreased in 2016 and even the release of iPhone 7 failed to make the situation better. That’s the main conclusion of the investigation made by Bloomberg News.

According to their analysts, the Apple smartphone lost three dollars of its 2015 average price – it fell from $691 to $688. During the year, the price was gradually getting lower and lower but went up after the iPhone 7 release. Obviously, the $3 decrease doesn’t seem so tragic at first sight but if we consider the amount of iPhones sold in the world, the losses become significantly bigger – around $250 mill. But what are the reasons for this?

Firstly, the price policy was affected by currency rates in some countries, for example, Russia or Great Britain. Secondly, customers are basically lowering the average price themselves opting for cheaper models. Even when the new flagman comes out, people prefer buying the version with minimum amount of internal memory. Thirdly, the average price “suffered” from iPhone SE. But this isn’t surprising because the device was designed to make iPhones more affordable.

In any case, this situation definitely puts pressure on Apple. Now, the company must astonish everyone with a new iPhone and do it favourably in 2017.