Absolute Automatic Fingerprint Password Smart Door Lock

Privacy is highly important and of course you will agree that this Fully Automatic Smart Door Lock would do its job perfectly. The premium gadget features an OLED display that would react to all your touches. The power to the lock is supplied via USB, so you will never find yourself in a situation that the lock does not work. Furthermore, the smart lock has a very unusual design that would for sure make your door stand out from the crowd.

latest Automatic Smart Door Lock

The lock includes a keypad on the outside, which means you punch in a code to put in your property, rather than insert a key. Thus, you will have a lot of different methods to open it and you can switch back and forth between them to ensure you are never too bored. The lock works with fingerprint, password, credit card, key, or app lock.

This smart fingerprint door lock is not just super effective, but in addition look like designer pieces that lend a little style to your front door, and is easy to mount using a screwdriver, so no rocket science there. After all, this smart home gadget will provide you a high level of safety that is not provided by typical locks and alarms.


  • OLED display
  • voice navigation
  • virtual password anti-peeping
  • Electromechanical separation
  • The number of fingerprint storage: 200
  • Number of fingerprints/passwords: 3 million / 100
  • False fingerprint speed: less than 0.001%
  • 0.5 sec fingerprint verification
  • Open method: fingerprint, password, smart card, key
  • Working temperature: -30~70°C
  • Fingerprint accuracy: <1%
  • Fingerprint resolution: 500 dpi
  • Material: zinc alloy