Automatic Glass Cleaner – Smart Robot Window Cleaner

Usually, when someone mentions smart home devices, we instantly think about Internet of Things – a “web” between all smart gadgets with the addition of the internet. However, it’s not always that. A smart device is also the one that does every task by itself without or with slight human interference. The one is observed in this review – Window Cleaning Robot Cop Rose X6 Magnetic Glass Robotic Window Cleaner.

Rose X6 is a unique multifunctional robot for cleaning windows. The device is intended for cleaning any smooth surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, glass doors, tables, and even walls and tiled floors. All you need to do is to turn on the robot with a single button and it will clean any surfaces without any additional effort on your part. Therefore, this device is especially useful when it’s necessary to clean high windows or external glass.

Robot Window Cleaner

This smart device is equipped with a powerful vacuum motor that allows the device to work on almost any horizontal and vertical surface. Instead, it has a vacuum pump which does all job. Besides, the device has a “human touch” – during window cleaning it simulates the same movements that we normally do.

Magnetic Glass Cleaner

The robot has a unique way of moving. Due to the absence of rubber wheels, it doesn’t leave any streaks. Just don’t forget to change cleaning napkins every once in a while.

Most importantly, the robot is very efficient – it effectively removes dust and dirt. Its cleaning pads covered with microfibre cloths allow the robot to move over the surface and perform rotational cleaning movements. The robot can be controlled with a remote. With it, you can assign the direction of its movement and choose the cleaning program.

So, Smart Robot Window Cleaner can be a very useful assistant at any house or an office. Instead of spending your energy on tiresome window cleaning, just turn on the robot and it will do everything without missing a single spot.

Cop Rose X6 Smart Robot Window Cleaner
Magnetic Glass Robotic Cleaning Machine

Smart Robot Window Cleaner