Auto Interface Car “Fitness Tracker”

The famous hacker Geohot, who is responsible for hacking the PlayStation 3, not long ago founded a start-up and started to work on creating gadgets and software for cars.

And so here we have auto interface car “fitness tracker” Panda, the first gadget released by Geohot and his team. This gadget costs 88 $.

To work with “Panda” a great number of apps were created. One of them collects a lot of data about the car. More machine sensors in the car mean more information about the car’s condition. It even can be some kind of DVR if to use the camera.

Firstly he planned to produce the autopilot, that could suit any cars, but it seemed to be more difficult because of the registration, safety tests and paper thread so he left that idea and decided to create something different. Now all modern cars have OBDII connector, that’s why Geohot decided to connect his future gadgets with OBDII. Panda is not an exception. It also has Wi-Fi and USB port to connect other devices or even charge them.

Geohot explained the idea of this gadget in the following way: “People like to know their pulse, pressure and other information with smart-watches and other devices, so we developed something similar, but for cars”.