ASUS RP-AC51 Dual Band WiFi Repeater Extender

WiFi has been installed by most in just about any public place and in our homes. As most of us are used to, we have internet coverage just about everywhere. However, often the internet coverage is not the best, and there are plenty of dead zones and weak signals. ASUS RP-AC51 Dual-band WiFi Repeater Extender RP-AC51 AC750 that we have reviewed, is sure to cover all of that.

This router is of a white color, and is about 4.72 x 3.94 x 2.36 inches in size, with a weight of approximately 159 grams. This makes it very compact and lightweight, easy to bring along.

This item is an 802.11ac WiFi repeater that is made to help boost the range, help in making the coverage better, and lessen the amount of dead zones. It is powered by 802.11ac chipset, where one of the fastest internet speeds are provided, up to 433 Mbps with the 5 GHz band. The WPS button on this extender, makes it very easy to set it up in pair with your router. This all helps provide with the smoothest and most powerful internet connection.

ASUS RP-AC51 extender works in just about any home, of any size or shape. The WiFi distance is 100 meters. This extender is also very easy to set up with the APP on your mobile device. Once that is done, it is fast and easy to set up your router and extender, since the login and password can all be transferred for full convenience. 

ASUS RP - AC51 AC750 Dual-band WiFi

ASUS RP-AC51 is an extender that can also be used not only in the extender mode, but also as an access point and media bridge. With the access point mode, this extender adds a hotspot to an already set up wired network. Different devices can then be connected to the internet for full enjoyment.

ASUS RP-AC51 WiFi extender is an affordable and a much needed item. It will provide with fast internet coverage and will supply the entire home with it. Users can connect to it from absolutely different devices, and be supplied with the equal speed. We can recommend this item for any home or business!

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