ASUS Fast Charging Powersafe Mobile Power Bank

We are all big mobile device users these days. As we all know from our own experiences, smartphones tend to lose their battery power quickly. Often it is a hassle finding an outlet to plug it into, so that it can finally charge. For that exact reason, many users invest in devices such as power banks. In this review, we grabbed the Asus Original fast charging 10050mAh Micro USB interface + USB output Powersafe Mobile Power Bank to observe and share about.

This power bank is offered on the market for a reasonable price, which already attracts the attention of many. Silver color of this item is trendy but at the same time neutral as well. This makes it fitting for all, especially with its metallic shine.

Since it is made out of aluminum alloy, this power bank is durable and long lasting. It is extremely compact in size as well. It is just 9.1 x 5.9 x 2.2 cm, with the weight being 206 grams. However, it is not very sleek, but still comfortable to hold, and fits just about in any pocket, bag and so on.

ASUS Original Mobile Power Bank

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Built in, it has a 10,050 mAh Li-ion battery, that charges fully in about six to nine hours via a USB cable, which thanks to the 2.4A output is rather fast. It is compatible with just about any mobile device, and the capacity of the battery charges many of them more than once to the max. Once the battery of the power bank is starting to run low, the light indicators will let you know, so that you can place it back on charge.

Asus Original mobile power bank is also very safe, as it adjusts the current automatically depending on the ambient temperature. This helps make the life of the power bank longer. It is also protected from short circuits, reset, overvoltage, and more.

Asus Fast Charging Power Bank is a great item for those who are constantly using their mobile devices. If you are one of them, bring your attention to this item. It will allow you to charge your device just about anywhere at all times. It is trendy, durable and powerful, for the greatest overall experience in usage.

Asus Original fast charging 10050mAh Power Bank
Micro USB interface + USB output Powersafe Mobile Power Bank

ASUS Power Bank