ASUS Most Powerful Gaming Graphics Card

In order to be the king of the gaming world, you need to have a powerful graphics card. Now, the market has plenty of great options and new ones are coming as well. For instance, AMD earlier announced its RX Vega graphics cards which might actually be the best in 2017 in terms of productivity. However, there is another player on the field – ASUS. Here is Brief review of the latest Asus news.

Most Powerful Gaming Graphics Card

The Taiwanese company decided to take the power of graphics cards to the next level and develop most powerful gaming graphics card. The upcoming product from ASUS will be based on two Vega 10 cards with power consumption of 600W. Users assume that the result will be spectacular and Asus will the company with the world’s most powerful gaming graphics card.

According to rumours, last week AMD allowed vendors to work on their designs of cards based on Vega 10, Vega 10 XL and Vega 10 XT chips. If the leak turns out to be true, ASUS was granted a permission on the release of the graphics card with a 50 Tflops performance of FP16 compute and 25 Tflops of FP32 compute. It’s interesting that the power consumption of the card will be 600W. In this case, liquid cooling will be the only possible measure to provide efficiency and reliability.

As a reminder, ASUS already knows a thing or two about this sphere. The company earlier released dual Radeon HD7970 which at its time was the fastest in the world and the first to use liquid cooling. It is assumed that the novelties based on Vega 10 will go on sale in limited editions, and ASUS will take the leadership among video card manufacturers.