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Asus ROG Game Phone’s specificity is pretty much given in the name. It is a perfect smartphone for ultimate gaming experiences. It is equipped with 8GB RAM for advanced multitasking which is comparable with good laptops as well as 512GB ROM memories which will provide you endless storage space. This is perfect for complex and challenging video games. The smartphone has a 6.0 inch screen with 2160*1080, so that you will surely enjoy vivid and clear images. Speaking of images, the device has 12 million + 8 million pixels rear camera and 8 million pixels front camera, which will allow you to capture most memorable moments and looks in all the details.

Asus ROG Phone

The main feature of this phone is liquid cooling screen system, so that your gaming experiences will be enjoyable. The device is charged with Type C chargers as usual phones. The ROG Phone proceeds to impress when it has to do with core specs. The gadget has a distinctive X Mode which can be activated by squeezing the surfaces of the phone. To create a really nice display the ROG Phone includes an attractive set of HD wallpapers. This truly gaming smartphone is probably the most expected surprise we could have anticipated from ASUS.

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