ASUS Aura RGB Wi-Fi 6 Router: A New Level of WiFi Performance

With higher bandwidth, you can do more. You can download movies in seconds, send large files in milliseconds, and stream HD videos without lagging. With Asus Wi-Fi 6, you can get all of that – and more. It’s the new generation of Wi-Fi for ultra high-performance networking with speeds up to six times faster than previous Wi-Fi technologies. The ASUS Aura RGB Wi-Fi 6 Router is the ultimate upgrade for your home network with fast data transfer speeds and stable connections for all your devices. Here are some benefits of this latest technology.

ASUS Aura RGB Wi-Fi 6 Router

The benefits of ASUS RGB Wi-Fi 6 Router

  1. Triple Modulation

Triple modulation is unique to Wi-Fi 6 and provides the most efficient and stable connections. These three RF signals not only pass through walls or other obstructions, but they also adjust to room changes to maintain a constant, strong signal. As a result, you can stream 4K videos with crisp, high-definition images – and don’t worry about buffering. It’s like watching a movie in HD before the scene changes.

  1. More Bandwidth

A client can download more than 10 times the data at the same speed than with previous generations. The increased speed lets you do things like download a 2.5 hour movie in seconds or watch a 4K video without any buffering. With Wi-Fi 6, you get an easy, high-speed, lag-free connection to all your devices.

3. Transfer files faster

ASUS Aura features industry-leading 802.11ax Wi-Fi technology. With speeds up to 6x faster than existing Wi-Fi technologies, you can download massive 4K movies in seconds. Stream movies or shows in HD up to 1.3x faster than before, and browse the web at speeds of up to 5x faster. When downloading content, you can watch videos with stable connections without getting interrupted. If you use apps that support the latest 4K resolution, you will be able to seamlessly stream games with no lagging and to connect to multiple devices at once. You will never lose a connection.

Get instant connections everywhere

ASUS Aura features a high-speed X5 Wi-Fi chip to provide ultra-high performance and ease of use.

Stream HD videos without lagging

Videos require multiple antennae for smooth transmission. For example, a device that streams 4K videos over Wi-Fi requires six antennas to reach the final destination. The new ASUS Aura RGB Wi-Fi 6 Router supports multi-band antennas to efficiently cover a large area and give you a strong signal. You can now download movies in seconds, send large files in milliseconds, and stream HD videos without lagging.

With ASUS Aura Wi-Fi 6 Router, you can do more.

The Wi-Fi standard has been around for over a decade, but the new Wi-Fi 6 standard is the fastest in the industry. With a powerful new carrier system, Wi-Fi 6 is 50 percent faster than previous Wi-Fi standards, and it reaches a top speed of 1.3 gigabits per second (Gbps) – six times faster than the previous Wi-Fi standard.

Install the router with ease

ASUS Aura provides a simpler and more intuitive way to manage your network. Choose your favorite colour and be inspired to connect to the network.

With just one click, you can easily set your router to change its colour according to your mood. You can switch between preset colors, with customizable custom colors, or enjoy lighting effects with the APP.

Stay connected 24/7

ASUS Aura can cut your internet connection in half. With the Dual Band Gigabit you can transfer a full HD movie in less than 3 seconds. Easily switch between your wired or wireless devices with the USB port.

Connect to your smartphone, tablet or computer using ASUS Sync. The APP makes managing your devices convenient and easy.


ASUS has never been afraid of pushing the limit to deliver innovative products. With the latest generation of Wi-Fi, ASUS has innovated again to ensure that customers get the best wireless networking experience that can be summed up with one word: speed.

  • High-speed Wireless Data Transfer. It is now up to six times faster than previous Wi-Fi technologies.
  • More Reliable Connections. WiFi 6 works with other Wi-Fi technologies and switches to extend your network so that you get a superior Wi-Fi experience.
  • Greater Bandwidth. Wireless speeds are up to six times faster than previous Wi-Fi technologies.
  • Tremendous Control. Wireless speeds can be controlled using the ASUS Aura app, making it easy to manage your wireless devices and network settings at all times.