ASUS 5334Mbps 8 Antennas Wireless Router

This time in the review we will check out an ASUS RT-AC5300 5334Mbps 8 Antennas Wireless Router Tri-band AC5300 Network Device. This one is seriously powerful, feature-packed, aesthetically pleasing, and at an approachable price point for the hobbyist.

There are lots of benefits to this device. You can set up the VPN, with encryption, and connect to that with a smartphone or tablet when traveling, which is a good for secure and private browsing. There are still 5 more guest SSID’s to set up. Additionally, you  can connect a USB hard drive to it and the router will run as a local share folder as well as a DLNA and iTunes server. It’s doing all this with a desktop computer, two laptop computers, three Android phones, an Android tablet, a chromecast and a PS3 all connected to it.

ASUS Antennas Wireless Router

There are two weak points to be aware of, however. The first – the firmware that it ships with is in pretty rough shape. It is better to immediately install the newest firmware available at the Asus website. Secondly, the default settings in the router hamper its full and proper operation. The wireless control channel setting for both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands is set to “Auto” be default.

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5334Mbps Wireless Router Tri-band

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Though, setting channel 1 or 11 instead of 6 might improve the work. Also, both the 2.4 and 5Ghz bands are set to a signal bandwidth of 20Hz, while there is not enough throughput on the given band to allow for this router to hit its full speed potential. Set the router to use 40Hz bandwidth for each band. After the improvement this dual-band network adapter shows up to 450Mbps, and single band 2.4Ghz shows up to 300Mbps.

In the box you receive, except for the router itself, 8 external detachable antennas, RJ-45 cable, power adapter, warranty card, and a quick start guide with a support CD (user manual and utility).

In conclusion, with some know-how and research on the internet this router can be just about the best thing you can do for your home or small business network at this price point.

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