Landscape Lens Refracting Astronomical Monocular Telescope

This F36050 astronomical telescope is sold on the market in a silver color. The telescope is about 15.35 x 2.95 x 3.35 inches in size, with a weight of 0.5300 kg. The package itself, also includes two eyepieces and a tripod. The tripod can be lifted up to 34 centimeters, depending on what is more comfortable for the user of the telescope. Having two different eyepieces, an H20 mm and a H6 mm, and these eyepieces make the telescope provide with a great view. As well as that, this telescope can be set to 60X, 18X, as well as the mirror group of 1.5X, 90X, 27X zoom. With that being said, one can play around and capture the perfect zoom for them to enjoy objects of various different sizes and within a different distance.
Astronomical Monocular Telescope

Landscape Lens Refracting
Astronomical Monocular Telescope

F36050 telescope also has a 90 degree zenith mirror, with a focal length of 360 mm. The active aperture on this item is 2.4 inches. It also has an 90 degree oblique mirror. The theory resolution is 2.000 arc seconds. The telescope itself, when fully set up, has several different pieces, the objective lens, main mirror body, eyepiece, zenith mirror, interface button, focus adjustment wheel and an aluminum tripod.
To say the least, the F36050 telescope is a great item for beginners and children. It is very easy to set up, and not extremely difficult to figure out how to use, while being durable and high quality. Those who have been searching for a telescope for different astrology related reasons, or for viewing an object from a distance, will definitely want to take a look at this telescope. The price of it is very affordable!