Artificial Intelligence AI New Technology Can Create Games

Artificial intelligence is an incredibly interesting concept and it develops at high rates. We can see first advancements appear in US judicial process, AI can already compose songs and play computer games better than humans. But this, as it turned out, is just the beginning. Recently, American researchers taught AI to create computer games.

Well, creating is a bit of an overstatement. The machine can’t really do that from scratch. But the foundation, of course, has been laid – a group of scientists conducted an investigation called Game Engine Learning from Video and developed the AI that is able to recreate the game engine based on video clips with a gameplay demonstration. According to the scientists, the system can’t access the code directly, but studies and analyzes the recorded game process and compiles a list of rules, writes them in the form of logical expressions, and combines all this into a game engine.

So far, AI works only with 2D games (Super Mario Bros or Mega Man). The system isn’t perfect yet – it makes some mistakes, doesn’t perceive all information on the screen and needs a little “help” from IT specialists. However, with some refinement the system will function much better helping create full-fledged modern games in the future.