Motion Sensor Indoor Outdoor Smart Home Security LED Light

Turning your house into an intelligent home is an enjoyable but daunting task. In reality, everyone may wish to come over to your house and give the lock a spin! Therefore, lighting is an important component that should be considered while deciding upon any house. Smart lights are a fantastic pick for modern homes because they can serve as both money saving and decorative properties. Obviously, you could always use the standard lights, but instead you ought to take advantage of the Smart Wireless LED lights. You may have a lot of lamps, but with the Arlo you can delight in the attractiveness of them all from just one design.

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Arlo Smart Home Security multi-color LED Light is a wireless gadget that would bring you peace and satisfaction. The device is IP65 waterproof, therefore it is okay to use it indoor and outdoor. Furthermore, the smart lamp features a motion sensor. As a result, this gadget will send alerts to your smartphone if it detects people. On top, the smart device is very easy to control. You can use the Arlo app. Using App, you can also customize the lamp to make it flash on or off, change colors or adjust beam width. To ensure full protection, you can also integrate the smart light with your Arlo security cameras. The smart light features a rechargeable battery that will keep your house protected and lightened very long. Speaking of light, the lamp would brighten your life up as it has 400 Lumens.

Arlo Indoor Outdoor Smart Home Security LED Light

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