App Control Smart Insoles with GPS for Runners

During Virgin Money London Marathon Expo, dedicated to various sports accessories, we saw a lot of interesting products. One of them was a pair of smart insoles Arion. This gadget can tell its owner more than personal trainer. The device is fitted with 8 different sensors for monitoring pressure and it fits any type of footwear. These smart insoles also come with short cable with a small block which is attached to a sneaker.

The block packs the mist important stuff: an accelerometer, a gyroscope and GPS. Besides, the block has adjusted lighting which is helpful if you run at night and you want to be visible for drivers.

Smart Insoles - gadget for Runners

Arion has a few possible applications. First of all, runners will find this gadget very useful because it can determine which part of foot experiences the mist pressure while running. This allows runners to adjust their technique, increase speed and waste less energy. Professional athletes need to pay attention to every little detail and Arion can help them do that.

Second of all, the device can be used by regular people who just want to be active and stay in shape. Once you launch the smartphone app (available for iOS and Android devices), you’re offered to take a test run. Arion track all your movements, compares them with your feelings after the run (you have to put them down in the app) and gives you several ways to make your running better.

So, if you’re an active person and you love running, Arion is something that you should look at. The whole set of a pair of smart insoles and a block costs around $270.

Arion Smart Insoles for Runners