AR Headset that Helps People See

Being huge trends right now, virtual and augmented reality aren’t used just for entertainment. Their application range is getting wider and there’s a new an AR headset with medical tasks. It’s called eSight 3 and the main purpose of this device is to help legally blind people see the real world.

eSight 3 uses AR and combines it with digital technologies to create a better world for the people who need it the most. The headset is based on 2 OLED displays and an HD camera. The latter records the video which is processed and transmitted onto the display with increased quality and brightness. That way, legally blind people can actually enjoy the view of the world around them. eSight is fitted with automatic focus which allows users to see all objects as clearly as possible after transitioning from close object to the ones that are far away.


eSight is a completely portable device with 6 hours of battery time. They aren’t very cheap ($10,000) but it’s still nice to see that even the most advanced industries can bring some good into people’s lives, especially the ones who need help more than anyone else.