AR Glasses, Latest Apple Rumors

A well-known analyst Gene Munster recently shared his prediction concerning augmented reality AR glasses by Apple. In his opinion, the Cupertino company will be able to release this gadget as early as 2020. The expert is sure that iPhone popularity will reach its peak in 2019. Consequently, in 2020 Apple will release its first AR glasses will cost around $1 300, at least in the beginning.

Gene Munster claims that Apple won’t be able to realize many of its new devices during the first year. According to the analyst’s predictions, the sales will fluctuate within three million units. At the same time, the profit from AR glasses sales will be only 2% of the company’s total revenue. However, in two years the situation should change.

The analyst predicts that the average price of smart glasses will drop to $1 000, and demand for the gadget will increase significantly. In general, the forecasts of Gene Munster are considered to be quite realistic. Earlier, there were a lot of rumours about Apple being actively engaged in the development of an AR device. Apparently, we’ll finally see this device but we have to wait a couple of years.