Aqara IOT Zigbee Smart Gateway Hub Connects 30 Smart Devices

If you are working to make your house more comfortable and safer, you really need to put in a couple of smart home devices in your house. If you’re interested in getting all your devices connected today, the AQara Wireless WiFi Zigbee Smart Gateway HOMEKIT is your very best option, as it connects to a wide array of sub-devices, and is fairly simple to prepare and use. The gateway will now lead you through connecting the gateway to your home of office network. You are able to simply plug the AQara ZHWG11LM Wireless WiFi Zigbee Smart Gateway HOMEKIT anywhere you would love. The gateway plugs right into the wall. It gives you additional options for your smart home.

Aqara IOT Zigbee Smart Gateway Hub

AQara ZHWG11LM Wireless WiFi Zigbee Smart Gateway HOMEKIT is a multifunctional gateway suitable for daily use. The gadget can provide you with the 1200 internet radio broadcast allowing you to enjoy your free time. On top of that, equipped with 16 million RGB lights, the device can be used as night light. You can adjust the intensity of light, brightness and color. Due to the night sensor, it will switch on automatically as someone passes by. Moreover, the home kit can be integrated with the bell while you can upload your favorite music as the custom ring. With the app Aqara Home, you will be able to control the smart gateway through your smartphone. It will support up to 30 sub-devices allowing you to create a whole internet of things network. Let the future enter your house with this smart home kit!


    • Functional gateway for daily use
    • 1200 internet radio broadcast
    • 16 million RGB lights
    • Custom ring
    • Nightlight function
    • APP control

Aqara IOT Smart Gateway Hub

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