Aqara WiFi Fingerprint PIN Code Smart Door Lock

First of all, we would like to bring your attention to the appearance. It is offered in two different color combinations, black and golden, or silver and black. Both are trendy and stylish. One also has the option of a left side open or right side open, depending on what is more comfortable for you. The PIN code Door Lock is about 36.90 x 7.60 x 2.40 cm in size, with the weight being 2 kilograms and 902 grams.

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Aqara Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

Aqara Fingerprint Smart Door Lock,
Fingerprint recognition, Anti-peeping design

Aqara Fingerprint Door Lock has several different ways of unlocking it. It not only has the option of key unlock, one can also use their fingerprint, password, or a proximity card. All of these different methods, provide with more security and safety, as thieves will have a harder time breaking it. The Fingerprint Smart Door Lock is also extremely durable and strong, made with the greatest material. There is also a scramble pin code option for your safety. For example, if someone is standing next to you or behind you, you can always enter a series of random numbers before or after your actual pin code. This will lead to them not knowing what the real one is, keeping it private.
Aqara Smart Door Lock also has an anti-peeping design, to help protect from different break ins. This Aqara lock can also be easily and quickly connected to your mobile device, via an app, for different alarms and notifications. Once one turns the handle up, they will lock the door automatically.
Aqara WiFi Fingerprint PIN Code Smart Door Lock is made to provide owners of homes and offices with the maximum amount of security. It is durable, trendy and offered for a decent price for all of its specifications and features.

WiFi Fingerprint PIN Code Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Lock