Apple’s Tests of New SOS Feature

All iPhones has been fitted with an emergency call feature that users could activate through the lock screen of the phone. This extremely helpful eliminates the need for unlocking your phone when an urgent call has to be made in force-majeure situations. But recently, Apple introduced a brand-new emergency call feature that will be a more convenient alternative for iPhone users.

First, you would have to enter phone numbers that you want your phone to connect in times of need. Once enabled in Settings, the feature is activated with 5 presses of the Power button. That sets off a siren, which serves as an alert, signalling an emergency call. It also stops the phone from any unintended calls. After that, the phone dials an already installed number. Due to this new feature, users won’t have to swipe and entering the number. In times of urgency, the phone automatically connects to the other phone.

The feature is currently being tested and after that, it will be out for use. According to rumours, it’s expected to be a part of iOS 10.2 update. The list countries where the feature will be available includes the USA, the UK, Russia, and so on.