Apple Working on Smart Glasses

Although Google refused to launch its Google Glass for everybody and adapted it to the business sector, the idea of “smart” glasses still exists. Engineers in many technology companies are thinking about possible designs and uses. While Microsoft is focused on their Hololens headset, Apple seems to be actually doing something about this idea.

According to Bloomberg news agency, Apple specialists are currently thinking about creating a new “bestseller” – digital glasses as an addition to iPhones. The glasses will wirelessly connect to the iPhone which will transmit images, videos and other useful information on the glasses’ screen. This product may be the new hit for Apple. In the last few years the company has been heavily criticized for the lack of real innovation in their devices, they aren’t “revolutionary” anymore. That’s why the idea of “smart” glasses seems to be very promising for Apple.

The glasses, if they are eventually released, will implement the augmented reality technology. Right now, the company is discussing shipments of necessary components with the world’s largest suppliers. Apple has already ordered a set of special displays for the first samples.

The final decision, regarding this project, will be made in the beginning of 2018, so there’s still a lot of time before a possible announcement.