Qi Wireless Charging Dock For Apple Watch, AirPods, iPhone

When using a normal plug-in charger, you will find that the charger warms up a little. So, let’s think about the wireless charger. Qi wireless chargers are a simple and convenient alternative. There are lots of Qi wireless chargers readily available, in various sizes, shapes and colors. Check out the following very useful gadget, that will be able to totally charge your phone without ever having to try to find a cable. 3 In 1 Qi Wireless Charger is a gadget that would be able to simultaneously charge smartphones, watches, or earphones. Therefore, the wireless charger is suitable for smartphones as well as most Apple devices including iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple AirPods.

Qi Wireless Charging Dock For Apple devices

Going further, the transmission distance is 2-8 mm and the charging efficiency is 73%. Additionally, made of durable ABS material, the device will also last for long. Furthermore, the smart charger will turn off as the battery of the device it is charging is full to prevent them from damage. The output power of the gadget is up to 10W depending on the smartphone or device that is being charged. Last, but very important, this charger works best with devices that support Qi.