Apple Will Make a Flexible Smartphone

Flexible smartphones are still something of a mystery – companies, like Samsung or LG, seem to be involved in making this kind of mobile devices but we haven’t seen any yet. Now, there is one more big player on this market – Apple.

According to the resource Patently Apple, Apple recently filed a patent application which describes the concept of a mobile device with a flexible display. Judging by the information in the patent, the screen of the new device will bend along the central axis. In this case, the gadget won’t have a visible hinge. The patent states that the device will bend due to the use of a liquid metal with memory effect.

It should be noted that this isn’t the first Apple’s patent which describes a device with a flexible or simply curved display. Over the past few years, the company have registered many similar documents. However, so far none of the ideas described in them was turned into reality.

Apple Flexible Smartphone