Which Smartwatch is Most Accurate Fitness Device?

What do you need from a good fitness tracker or Smartwatch? It should accurately measure your travelled distance and heart rate. These are two most important features for fitness fans, so they’re not really disappointed if their device isn’t water-proof or doesn’t have GPS. Thankfully, Apple Watch users don’t have such problems. Not only do they have all the features, but they serve incredibly well as a fitness tracker.

According to a research executed by scientists from the Cleveland Clinic, Apple Watches are considered the most accurate, surpassing other fitness trackers, like Fitbit Charge HR, Mio Alpha и Basis Peak. The health data collected by an Apple Watch was the closest to the data collected by professional medical equipment. 50 volunteers took part in the research during which they were all connected to the ECG machine. The measurements were carried out in different conditions: in running, walking and at rest. Apple Watch showed results similar to medical equipment in 90% of cases, whereas other devices could hardly reach 80%.

One curious moment is that all the devices were less accurate, as physical activity became more intense. One of the scientists Dr. Gordon Blackburn explained that all these trackers usually measure heart rate by looking at the blood flow, so the device must be fit tight on a wrist. More intense trainings mean “more bounce, so you may lose some of that contact”, – noted Blackburn.