Apple Watch 3 Will Feature Completely New Display

The second generation of Apple Watches was released in 2016 but Apple is already thinking about the next edition. And of course, the Internet is already full of rumours.

According to DigiTimes, Apple Watch 3 will feature completely new displays. The current generation of these iWatch smartwatches have a screen based on the Touch-On-Lens technology. However, the third installment of Apple Watches will be fitted with the display, made of glass film.

The transition to new displays has various reasons behind it, including Touch-On-Lens screen being too expensive and too complicated to manufacture. Some sources say that glass-film displays will help Apple lower the expenses and reduce the percentage of defective goods. According to various rumours, other companies will be responsible for these displays and Apple has to choose one: either Biel Crystal Manufactory or General Interface Solution.

The same DigiTimes says that Apple will finalize all production questions until the second half of 2017. Once it’s done, the rest won’t take much time, so the release of Apple Watch 3 may fall on autumn of 2017.