Apple Watch 3: Release Date, Specs

Right now, Apple still retains the top spot on the smartwatch market thanks to its Apple Watches. However, most fans are eagerly waiting for new releases. After all, Apple Watch Series 2 was more popular than the first edition, and people expect even more from the next device. Thankfully, it seems like the anticipation will be over soon.

According to Techradar, referring to its own sources, Apple will release the third generation of its smartwatches place in late 2017 – early 2018. Techradar sources claim that Apple recently made an agreement with the company Compal Electronics that will start the production of Apple Watch 3 in the second half of 2017. It means that their release may even happen in September.

According to various rumors, Apple Watch Series 3 won’t be much different from the previous version. The design will be almost the same except Series 3 will be a little thinner and lighter. In addition, Apple Watch Series 3 should receive an OLED display and a cellular module.

As for the price of the new smartwatch from Apple, it will be very close to Watch Series 2. The sources are confident that the Cupertino company will keep the price on the same level, so that the sales wouldn’t decrease.