Apple Restarts Production of 32GB iPhone 6

Everything that Apple does is always discussed and disputed. Right now, the Internet is filled with rumours about iPhone 8 but the Cupertino company don’t just think about the new, they also care about their veterans. According to one of the biggest Taiwan mobile phone provider Taiwan Mobile, Apple is returning to one of their most successful smartphones and restarts production of iPhone 6. Interestingly, only the model with 32GB storage will come back. Earlier, iPhone 6 line-up didn’t have that model – users could only buy devices with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB.

Presumably, Apple decided to bring back iPhone 6 in order to compete with affordable Android smartphones. Taiwan Mobile adds that Apple currently wants to ship the pilot batch (around 30-40 thousands devices) to the Taiwanese market. If the smartphones have sufficiently big demand, shipments will increase.

This measure from Apple may actually attract new, younger audience who earlier preferred inexpensive devices on other operating systems. However, experts aren’t so sure about that saying that it won’t really change the situation on the mobile device market. In any case, iPhone is always a quality device and iPhone 6 is great.