Apple Patented Device with Foldable Display

Apple keeps filing more and more patents but the following one sounds really interesting. The company now has the rights on the device that looks like on old parchment scroll.

According to the official website of the U.S. Office for Patents and Trademarks, the screen of this device is flexible and foldable. In fact, it is an OLED-display is wrapped like a scroll and attached to two rolling holders. These rollers can be made of aluminium, glass, ceramics or any other suitable material.


There’s also place for other important stuff, like a processor, memory, sensors, battery, and so on. There is also a possibility to build in two cameras in the device, so that they show stereoscopic image. By the way, when folded, the rollers are held together by magnets.

So far, we can’t say when the world will see this invention. Still, it’s nice to see that Apple is interested in more innovations for the mobile device market.