All About Service for Apple, Acer and Lenovo Laptops

Laptops can be estimated by various characteristics. One of them is the quality technical support which tells a lot about the company that makes the laptops. And now, we know the best brands in this category.

The magazine “Laptop” put together the list of the best all laptop manufacturers in terms of the technical support quality. The results weren’t very much surprising. The first position went to Apple with their MacBooks.

The journalists judged the technical support of all these companies based on several points: average call time, web support quality, phone hours, and so on. The maximum overall number could be 100. Apple managed to acquire 93 points with their fastest call time and effective online support.

The second and third places in the rating were given to Acer (88 points) and Lenovo (86 points) respectively. Interestingly, Samsung and MSI received very poor reviews about their technical support with only 67 and 63 points respectively.

In general, most users have positive reviews about the Apple technical support. The company is quick to answer and help their customers, which is a good quality for any brand.