Apple iMAC is Most Popular for Home and Office

You probably noticed that most IT specialists prefer Apple technology. Now, in offices of various companies Mac is getting more widespread. Employees work on MacBooks while talking on iPhones. But company Jamf decided to conduct a survey and find out how popular Apple devices really in the corporate segment.
The data comes from 2016. 300 different IT specialists, managers and CEOs were surveyed. As we can see, people are relying on the most comfortable tools for their work. The results were quite interesting. Here are a few main facts:

  • 91% of companies use Mac and 99% of them use iPhone or iPad. The numbers showed considerable growth compared to last year. The key arguments for Mac are: simplicity, safety, software, device configuration and integration;
  • 44% of companies present employees with a choice between Mac and PC. 71% offer the employees a possibility to choose a mobile device;
  • 74% of companies noticed that Mac and iPhones are used more often by the employees. Plus, 62% say that it’s much easier to integrate Mac devices into a workplace. The same goes for iPhone and iPad.

Apple 21.5" iMac 1TB