Apple Is a New Leader on Wearable Market

Although Apple is very secretive about Apple Watch sales, it’s still possible to make an approximate picture of what is happening thanks to many analysts. Recently, Strategy Analytics shared a fresh piece of information which says that Apple sold 3.5 million smart watches in Q1 2017. Consequently, the Cupertino company returned a leading position among wearable manufacturers.

According to the latest data, in this period of time, world sales of wearables increased by 21% compared to 2016, and reached 22 million devices. What’s more, the most significant contribution was made by Apple: the company was able to sell 1.3 million more wearables than last year.

Fitbit, which used to be the leader this segment, noticeably sagged: in the first quarter of 2016, it sold 4.5 million fitness bracelets, a year later the number dropped the 2.9 million. This discarded the company not even to the second, but to the third place.

The second position was earned by Xiaomi which is actually very close to Apple – 3.4 million sold bracelets. It will be interesting to look at the statistics after a couple of months when the Chinese company launches its smart watches which resemble Apple Watch very much.