Apple iPod News

In 2001, when Apple unveiled its portable music player iPod for the first time, it made a revolution on the audio device market. Since that time, the iPod line-up expanded – more players, like iPod Touch or iPod shuffle, became available to customers. However, all good things come to an end.

Apple decided to “simplify” its music player line-up, removing iPod nano and iPod shuffle. According to available news data, the Cupertino company already stopped the production of these devices. Incidentally, on the official website of Apple, the sections, dedicated to iPod nano and iPod shuffle, were closed.

It is worth noting that users can still find iPod nano and iPod shuffle on sale. However, it won’t last long. Plus, in order to find a portable Apple player, you’d have to look for it in retail stores where some device may still be in warehouses. Besides, all currently use players won’t be supported anymore.

Along with stopping the support of iPod nano and iPod shuffle, Apple also made some changes to the iPod Touch line-up. If earlier users could buy a player with 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB of storagw, now only two models remained on sale – 32GB and 128GB.