Apple iOS 11 – All Changes, WWDC 2017

June 5 is the date that everyone was waiting for because Apple opened its conference for developers WWDC 2017. Among the first announcements was the new mobile operating system iOS 11. According to company’s representatives, 96% of the users were satisfied with iOS 10 but there’s still room for improvement. Here are the main changes in iOS 11:

  • Redesigned iMessage app – new interface and synchronization with other devices;
  • Apple Pay integration with the support of transactions between users;
  • Smarter Siri – a more life-like voice, more languages and extended integration with other apps for developers;
  • High Effeciency Image Format for pictures – better quality, less storage taken;
  • Better video and photo optimization, especially in low light;
  • Redesigned control panel;
  • More advanced maps – thorough schemes of shopping malls, airports, etc.;
  • Driver-friendly features – more information in Navigation mode and the “Don’t Disturb” mode;
  • Homekit app – integration with other smart devices;

The final trial of iOS 11 will be available this fall and first beta-tests start in June.