Micro-LED Displays for iPhones and Apple Watch Devices

We’ve all heard rumours about new, OLED displays in new iPhone. In fact, Apple may have ordered thousands of them from Samsung. However, it seems like the Cupertino company is working on a totally different type of display – micro-LED.

According to Business Korea, Apple will start releasing devices with micro-LED displays already this year. The first one to get this screen will be new Apple Watch Series. Plus, micro-LED may soon be features in iPhones. Everything seems quite logical considering that Apple bought a micro-LED displays manufacturer LexVue a few years ago. Later, Apple built a factory in Taiwan to produce more of these displays.

The micro-LED technology is actually quite impressive. The information that we have states that these displays are thinner and more energy-efficient than LCD or OLED. Unfortunately, they are complicated and expensive to make because one such panel consists of tiny LED lights with sizes from 1 to 100mcm.

In any case, if rumours are true, Apple Watch 3 that may feature a micro-LED display will be presented in autumn. As for iPhones, there is no evidence confirming this information. Experts say that Apple will test this technology on other devices before turning to smartphones.

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