Apple Came Up With New User Identification Method

As soon as Touch ID sensor had been installed first in iPhones and then in iPads, we completely forgot about constant entering of PIN-codes and passwords. Now to confirm your identity, you just make one move with your finger. This method of user identification is highly convenient and in most cases the most protective. But geniuses in Apple Inc. don’t stop at that.

In the beginning of this week the company received a new patent and, according to the information from the United States Patents and Trademarks Office, we may very soon see a higher level of user identification. A new invention implies a technology that works together with the heart rate sensor of an Apple Watch and, as a result, confirms the user identity by his heart rate. Apart from that, the new technology will allow its users to measure other important health data, for example, blood oxygen level. This new technology will hardly substitute Touch ID but it will be an additional way of protecting personal data and payment information. This innovative way of user identification sounds interesting but very disputable, so we’ll what happens in the future.