Best Selling Apple and Android Devices Wooden Charging Dock

When purchasing something for our homes, no matter what it is, we always want the item to look stylish and attractive in appearance. This multi-device devices Wooden Charging Dock cradle holder for smartphones is made out of aluminum alloy material with a quality wooden stand. The aluminum alloy is 4mm in thickness, which will surprise you, but it is actually a bit thicker than regular stands that are about 3mm thick. It is designed in a way, where the LAMEEKU Phone Charging Stand has a center that is low in gravity, and light in weight overall. In weight, it is just 15.2 ounces, and can be moved and placed just about anywhere, especially since the dimensions are 7.5 X 3.4 X 5.1 inches. Although it is light in weight and compact, it still is known to be sturdy and safe.
Best Selling Wooden Charging Dock
This iPhone Apple Watch Charging Stand Android Phones Dock is made to be compatible with the watch that is 38mm or 42m, as well as, with the iPad, iPhone, or any other tablet, or mobile phone. Wooden dock allows you to place a stylus pen on, or the Airpod case for them to always be close to hand when they are needed.
Safety and free of damage is something that we want for all of our devices. With this dock cradle holder, you will receive just that, since it includes rubber cushions and cable management for the maximum protection. Once your devices are placed onto the stand, you can connect different cables for charging them in one location.
As well as that, users enjoy this stand for its easy viewing. Place your tablet or smartphone and receive the ideal viewing angle of 60 degrees. It is convenient when watching different movies and videos, video chatting, reading, typing and much more. Your hands will be free, and the device we be steadily held.
This Apple Watch Charging Stand Cell Phone Dock looks extremely attractive in appearance. What is even better, is the different color options that it can be obtained in. One can choose the neutral black color, silver, red, gray, or rose gold. All of the colors are rather neutral, but some are a bit bolder, although we all have our own preferences. Though the price varies within a couple dollars, depending on the color that you choose.
LAMEEKU Apple Devices Wooden Charging Dock for various smartphones, tablets, Airpods and even a stylus pen, is a highly elegant, stylish, durable and convenient item to have. View with comfortability, charge your device simultaneously and stay organized! Price is reasonable and 180 days warranty is guaranteed. Find more product on

LAMEEKU Wooden Charging Dock
for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPod
and other Android Phones and Gadgets

LAMEEKU Wooden Charging Dock