Apple Ceramic iPhones, Rumours

One of the main rumours about the highly anticipated iPhone 8 is that it’s going to have a body made of ceramics. Perhaps, this isn’t true at all but this material is certainly appealing to the Cupertino company. That’s why Apple is preparing to launch their own ceramic body production line, so that next-generation iPhones would be covered in a more exquisite shell.

For these purposes, Apple engineers have already created a universal polishing method for ceramic details of different sizes. This information stems from the report of the U.S. Office for Patents and Trademarks. According to this description, the invention will work with several various materials even including zirconium oxide. The whole mechanism is based on the externally driven heating element which makes the polishing process more effective because it raises temperature at necessary areas. This method contributes to equal heat distribution and even (smooth) material structure.

The rumours about ceramic iPhones appeared a few years but weren’t supported by anything. But in 2016 Apple Watch Edition 2 was released. Being quite hard, the body of this smartwatch boasted incredible scratch and bump resistance along with reliability. These two characteristics explain well why ceramics is a great choice for iPhones. Hopefully, Apple does everything that this patent says.