Apple Book Transforming Laptop

Earlier Apple has already patented a so called laptop-transformer – a hybrid device which can be used both as tablet and as laptop. But after this news, we haven’t seen how this device will look like.

The situation changed for the better just recently – designer Ran Avni presented the concept of the device, which he named Apple Book. In his design Avni attempted to demonstrate his own view of how this device should look like. The result turned out to be quite impressive.

Basically, Apple Book is an iPad and a MacBook, combined together into one multi-functional device. Apple Book features a touchscreen display and a very unusual opening/closing mechanism – special hinges will help users adjust the position of the screen for a more comfortable viewing angle. So, Apple Book can instantly transform from a laptop into a tablet and the other way around.

Another noticeable feature is a keyboard. The keyboard in this device is sort of a touchpad on regular laptops. The keyboard is placed right in front of the screen because the display with an opening mechanism took a lot of space.

Although Tim Cook, Apple CEO, stated that Apple wasn’t interested in any merged and hybrid devices, the patent tells us that such device may be released someday.
One more fact – according to the video, available online, Apple Book runs on Mac OS.