Apple and Nokia: the “War” Continues

Recently, we’ve written about patent controversies between Nokia and Apple. To remind our readers, the Finnish company accused its American opponent of 32 patent violations. Since that, no comments are given by Apple representatives. But actions sometimes speak even louder than words, which becomes obvious with the following piece of information.

According to MacRoumors, Apple cancelled the sales of devices by the company Withings, which happens to be a subsidiary company of Nokia. From now on, all Withings products are unavailable on Apple Store and possibly in all retail stores around the world. The list of cancelled devices includes, for example, smart scale Body Cardio Scale, Smart Body Analyzer, and Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor. All these products began disappearing from stores about 2 weeks ago. Another source,, suggests that this is not a coincidence – Apple’s decision is directly influenced by Nokia’s legal proceedings.

As we can see, despite having licensed some of these patents, Apple has failed to smooth over all differences with Nokia. Obviously, Apple representatives have to share some comments about the situation because it’s getting more and more complicated.