Apple and Nokia Solved their Patent Controversy

Patenting disputes between the biggest tech brands aren’t rare. Apple alone accused many other companies of illegal activities and has been accused of the same. Thankfully, problems get solved and the recent news is a great example.

Nokia and Apple finally found common ground in their patent dispute and signed the cooperation agreement. According to its terms, Nokia will provide Apple with a number of products and services in network infrastructure, and Apple will continue selling Withings (Nokia’s brand) fitness devices in its stores. In addition, both companies will engage in cooperation in creating health devices.

The financial sides of the agreement weren’t revealed but it is known that Nokia will receive an advance payment from Apple and will receive additional payments during the term of the agreement. The representatives of both companies commented on the situation expressing their satisfaction and desire to work together in the future.

To remind our readers, Nokia filed several lawsuits against Apple in December last year accusing the Cupertino company of patent infringement. 32 patents, related to software, displays and user interface, were the matter of disagreement.