App Remote Control Bluetooth Smart Lock for Drawer and Door

Do you want to feel more convenience at home or maybe pretend you are a real wizard? Then, you would probably love to own this intelligent remote control. With this magical smart gadget, you would be able to lock your drawers, small doors and cupboards remotely. This affordable device supports wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connection. This is not perfect, however, it would do its job perfectly. On top of that, the gadget works from two 7-cell alkaline batteries which ensure that it works long hours.

Smart Lock for Drawer and Door

But the greatest feature of this device is that it will be able to unlock your drawer in less than 2 seconds and impress your friends with magical capabilities. That looks impressive and creative. Finally, this amazing gadget is very lightweight and compact. Therefore, it would easily fit your pocket. With this small but powerful gadget you will be able to become more efficient and feel even more powerful.

Smart Lock gadget for Drawer and Door

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